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& A B O U T ;;

I go by Vi, but you may know me by other names. I was known as vintagecerulean back on my GJ days. I'm known to be pretty mischevious and borderline devious. I can be considered cunning and maybe sometimes a touch cruel, but that's only if you're unlucky enough to piss me off. Since, for the most part, I'm pretty fun and laid back kind of girl. I'm honest though, and sometimes that can be mean. The truth hurts even if I don't always want it to, but you can rest assured that I will tell you the truth. If you're in with my you're in for the long haul so remember that if you're considering clicking that little add button. My friends are the family I chose and they have every bit of my loyalty. My trust is fairly easily given out, but once it's lost it can be damn near impossible to regain. Keep that in mind. You don't want me as an enemy. I am childish and I am immature at times. Being an adult all the time is boring. I do cut it up when the opportunity presents itself. If you're looking for a friend who always conducts themselves like a grown mature woman all the time then look elsewhere. I only get one shot at life and I'm going to live it up to it's fullest.

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